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Paddocks Press –July 09

Paddocks Press is an ad hoc free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. The current issue (Volume 4, Issue 7) has a number of articles of interest, including:

Section 15B(3) of Act 95 of 1986 - Registrars of Deeds and conveyancers must ensure that purchasers of sectional title units do not buy into debts to the local authority - Mike Power points out that the Sectional Titles Act requires in addition to a rates clearance certificate for the unit, that a rates clearance for the land and buildings in the scheme must be lodged when any separately rated unit is transferred. Sellers should not be able to escape liability, and in fact transfers of units when the body corporate still owes money to the local authority are illegal.

Fidelity cover - Mike Addison explains what fidelity cover is about and how it fits in to Prescribed management rule 29 (2)(b). He then sketches a number of scenarios regarding the composition of the body corporate, the way the members perform their duties and the consequent nature of the fidelity cover.

New and improved sectional title bookkeeping course - Paddocks in conjunction with Clint Riddin & Associates presents the Sectional Title Bookkeeping Course - a 3 week distance learning course with a 2-day workshop focusing on the legal and financial aspects of sectional title bookkeeping.

Types of windows and exterior doors - Rod Paddock (Rob the Builder) looks at the different types of windows and exterior doors, why they need to be maintained, and how they must be maintained.

Q & A with the Professor - Graham Paddock replies to a number of questions including:

  • Blocked telephone cable duct.
  • Debtor protection under the National Credit Act.
  • Extension of a balcony - can it be an exclusive use area?
  • Owners not willing to stand for election as trustees.
  • Is arbitration necessary if PMR 71 is removed?
  • Is a non-owner trustee entitled to attend the AGM?
  • PQ deviations.
Paddocks Press Vol 4, Issue 7

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