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Paddocks Press - July 2016

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. In this issue (Volume 11, Issue 07) Nicole explains some meeting concepts in the 'Introduction to Meetings' video.

SPLUMA, LUPA, and the Cape Town City By-Law on HOAs - Anton Kelly
There is currently no legislation that provides specifically for the management of home owners’ associations (HOAs). However, there is legislation that applies to how HOAs are established. The acronyms that one needs to become familiar with are SPLUMA and LUPA.

Cellphone masts on common property - Zerlinda van der Merwe
We have often been posed with the question as to whether the trustees of a sectional title scheme may enter into a lease agreement with a cellphone service provider, for the installation of a cellphone mast on the common property within the scheme.

Blog post: Owner's failure to maintain their section or exclusive use area - Dr Carryn Melissa Durham
Prescribed Management Rule (“PMR”) 70 provides a remedy for the body corporate where an owner, either fails to repair, or maintain their section or fails to adequately maintain and keep any area of common property to which they have exclusive use rights in a clean and neat condition.

Paddocks Club Q and A - Paddocks Club Team
As we have so many interesting questions on Paddocks Club, we decided to share the following two with you:

  • Proxy received in email format
  • Window panes - outside unit only

Paddocks Press Volume 11, Issue 07

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