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Paddocks Press –May 09

Paddocks Press is an ad hoc free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. The current issue (Volume 4, Issue 5) has a number of articles of interest, including:

Importance of sectional title training - Dina Porteus underlines the need to maintain staff development and training to ensure that optimum efficiency and the highest levels of client service are maintained, as this will translate ultimately into cost savings.

Condensation - Rob Paddock continues with giving the low down on condensation in buildings, with a look at how damp dark conditions encourage the proliferation of damage causing insects and wood rotting fungus in one's home.

10 Steps to dealing with conflict in sectional title schemes - Jennifer Paddock gives advice on "the mother of all disputes" - co-ownership. To wit:

  1. Plan what you want to say.
  2. Choose a good time.
  3. Speak directly.
  4. Speak respectfully and honestly.
  5. Focus on giving information.
  6. Listen.
  7. Talk it through.
  8. Consider possible options.
  9. Be specific about a solution.
  10. Follow through.
Spotlight on sectional title certifications - Graham Paddock explains how the UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management course helps Portfolio Managers and Managing Agents excel at their job.

Graham's mutterings - Graham Paddock looks at Annual General Meetings, questionable trustee actions, moratoriums on improvements and alterations, and levy increases of 20 percent.

Q & A with the Jennifer - Jennider Paddock replies to a number of questions including:
  • Fining for letter writitng.
  • Levy charges.
  • Managing agent and owner.
  • Section vs Common Property.
  • Damp and leakage.
  • Sectional title disputes.
Paddocks Press Vol 4, Issue 5

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