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Paddocks Press – May 2013

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. The issue (Volume 9, Issue 5) has a number of articles of interest, including:

Sales and transactions in sectional title - Graham Paddock
Sectional title property dealings are complex
When it comes to sales and other dealings with conventional freehold property, most people have a very good idea of the processes involved. When it comes to sectional property, things become more complex because any dealing requires some degree of permission or cooperation from the community of sectional owners.

In this article, Graham provides a few examples of sales or transactions which may arise in sectional title property and highlights what requirements apply in these circumstances. (

Sectional title insurance advice  - Mike Addison
Advice from a specialist sectional title insurance broker
Sectional Title Insurance policies typically renew annually, and most premiums are collected by monthly debit order. This means that once a year, an insurance advisor or broker needs to provide proper advice around the selection of such a policy.

In this article, Mike gives valuable sectional title insurance advice.

Thinking inside the Box - Blog post - Jennifer Paddock
Dealing with noisy neighbours
Jennifer's sectional title lifestyle blog called Thinking Inside the Box publishes articles on the lighter side of sectional title living and includes practical tips and advice on subjects such as storage solutions, growing balcony gardens and parking issues.

In this blog post, Jennifer discusses how to deal with noisy neighbours.

National Association of Managing Agents - Graham Paddock
Tribute to Gerhard Jooste
Graham writes a few words in tribute to Dr Gerhard Jooste's achievements with chairing the National Association of Managing Agents of South Africa (NAMA) for the last 12 years.

Q&A with the Adjunct Professor - Prof Graham Paddock

  • Damage from overflowing storm water drain
  • Levies paid in advance

Paddocks Press Volume 9, Issue 5

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