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Paddocks Press - November 2014

Paddocks Press is a monthly free digital newsletter published to educate and update the sectional title community. The issue (Volume 9, Issue 11) has a number of articles of interest, including:

Sectional Title Schemes and Home Owner's Associations - Anton Kelly
Notice Periods for General Meetings
General meetings of members in community schemes are the forum where important policy decisions are made.

In this article Anton talks about the notice periods needed for a general meeting in sectional titles and home owners' associations.

CSOS Follow Up - Graham Paddock
Paddocks Club Video Tutorial
A video update on the Community Scheme Ombud Service.

This month we decided to share the video tutorial that Graham posted for the Paddocks Club Community Members a week after the CSOS Executives Meeting.

Thinking inside the box - Blog post - Jennifer Paddock
In Defence of Managing Agents
A Managing Agent is the public face of the body corporate and the role often involves delivering difficult news to owners.

In this article Jennifer defends Managing Agents and explains what it is that they go through.

Carryn's Corner - Carryn Melissa Durham
Are Tenants Subject fo the Sectional Title Scheme's Rules
A tenant is not a member of the body corporate. However, they are still members of the community.

In this article Carryn discusses whether tenants are subject to the sectional title scheme's rules.

Paddocks Club Q and A - Paddocks Club Team

  • Insuring Exclusive Use Area Structures
  • Non-Resident Owner's Right of Access

Paddocks Press Volume 9, Issue 11

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