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The Law Society of England and Wales' AGM passed - by 60 votes to 44 - a motion deploring the original decision to lift the ban taken by the Society's council in December 2003, and calling on the council to reintroduce it.

The campaign was co-ordinated by Tim Readman, council member for sole practitioners, who told members that the lifting of the ban had provoked widespread anger. The council had urged members to vote against the resolution because it had already carried out a number of consultations in what has proved to be a divisive issue.

It looks as if the AGM will wait some 12 months after the lifting of the ban to review its impact. Nevertheless the ballot, the results of which would not be binding on the council but which could be seen as persuasive, will go ahead at a cost of some £100,000.

Article in the Law Gazette

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"I have a lot of respect for the legal fraternity and many of its traditional practices,
however, the Law Society should seek to take congisance of the commercial developments
in our country and look for a balanced mix of tradition, commerce and legal ethics."


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