Registrar's Circulars

Pretoria Registrar's Circular 08/2014

1. Revised procedure to be implemented regarding lodgement of deeds linked with applications for certified copies, Reg 68 (1) and related matters.

2. To speed up the process for certified and related copies for registration, the following procedure will apply.

2.1 The existing procedures regarding linking of batches will remain. 2.2 Single applications as well as batches containing VA applications and other related copies must be marked clearly in BOLD RED (VA/COPY) on No 1 of the batch.

2.3 All lodgement covers that require the Deeds Office to make a copy should be marked. in BOLD RED (VA/COPY).

2.4 Single applications or a batch that requires copies must be placed in a box at lodgement section marked VA/COPIES.

2.5 Non-compliance with the above procedure will result in the rejection of these applications or batches.

2.6 After lodgement all deeds lodged on a particular day will go to Data section, there after deeds that requIres copies will proceed to the VA section and all other to distribution. After production of the copies the deeds will be send to Distribution section.

3. Conveyancers have to keep in mind that copies are also necessary in the following cases and should also be marked VA/COPIES.

3.1 Cancellation of bond in terms of Regulation 68 (11) Act 47/1937.

3.2 Cases where it is not necessary to produce the client’s copy of the title deed as envisaged in Regulation 51(2) Act 47/19374

3.3 Expropriation transfers in terms of Section 31 Act 47/1937 when the title deed cannot be produced.

3.4 Expropriation servitudes in terms of section 32 Act 47/1937 when the title deed cannot be produced. 3.5 On registration of lapsing of a personal servitude lodged for noting in terms of section 68 (1) Act 47/1937 and the title in terms of Section 34 (2)

4. VA Section
To eliminate possible irregularities surrounding the issue of VA copies, the section will implement the following procedures.

  1. Copies previously produced will be removed
  2. New copies will be produced with every lodgement.
  3. VA Section will endorse copies with VA-section date stamp where necessary.

5. Examination
Examiners must check that the copy was produced on the last lodgment by comparing the lodgement date with the VA- section date stamp. Examiners must remove VA Copy if deed/batch gets rejected.

6. Registrar’s Circular 6/2013 is hereby withdrawn.

Pretoria Registrar's Circular 8 of 2014

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