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Pretoria Registrar's Circular 09/2015

Deeds held over on examination

1. Purpose
To reinforce compliance with the procedure regarding the held over of deeds or documents by examiners during the examination process and matters relating thereto.

2. Collection of deeds
Deeds must be collected before by Juniors, Seniors and Monitors. If for any valid reason, it is not possible for an examiner to collect his/her deeds by 08h00, suitable arrangements must be made with the supervisor. The supervisor must inform the distribution room before of such arrangements.

If no arrangement was made with the distribution room by 08h00, deeds assigned to absentees/late comers will be scanned back. It will then be required of any late comer to apply for leave. Except those who made arrangements.

3. Handing over of deeds
Junior and senior examiners must ensure that all deeds received the previous day are handed back by 15h00. Deeds that still need attention must be handed over by 08h00 the following morning. Junior examiners are not allowed to hold over any deeds under any circumstances.

Senior examiners who want to hold deeds over with a valid reason must complete a Hold Over Slip approved by his/her assistant registrar. The remainder of the quota must be returned to distribution together with the Hold Over Slip.

Monitors or Assistant Registrars doing second level examination must also complete a Hold Over Slip to be returned to the distribution room together with the remainder of the quota.

Distribution must keep all Hold Over Slips in a folder available for inspection. An examiner may only receive his or her own deeds and may not collect the deeds of a colleague under any circumstances.

No deeds will be handed to examiners a day early, except when consent has been granted by the Deputy Registrar over the Distribution room.

Registrars Circular 8/2001 and paragraph 2 of Registrars Circular 8/2003 is hereby withdrawn.

This circular will come in operation on the 1July 2015.

Pretoria Registrar's Circular No 9 of 2015

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