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Pretoria Registrar's Circular 10/2013

1. Purpose
To change the procedures around the preparation section and execution room and to deal with the problems encountered regarding multiple final black booking of deeds.

2. Background
The office encounters problems with the deeds which are referred to Data Section for final black booking more than once. The amount of deeds final black booked is on average 300 to 400 more than the amount executed. This state of affairs contributes towards the accumulation of a backlog in the Data Section.

3. Preparation Section
Deeds collected from the monitors must be put on Prep before 9H00.
Prep will not take deeds from Prep Clerks without the permission of a Deputy Registrar.
Prep will not take deeds from members of staff other than monitors.
Deeds will be available on Prep for 5 working days after which they will be automatically rejected.
Deeds must be registered within the 5 day period which will not be extended.
All deeds received by Prep Section before 9h00 will be scanned into Prep and be available the same day.

4. Final Blackbook
Any deed scanned into prep may be handed in for final black booking.
Conveyancers and their Prep Clerks are requested to hand over only those deeds for final black booking that are ready and fit for registration the following day.
All deeds will only be final black booked once, a day before registration.
Deeds up for registration must either be handed over at execution or wilt be rejected on The system.
After final black booking rio deeds will be accepted at Prep again.

5. Execution
Deeds will no longer be held over at execution.
Deeds scanned into execution, but not registered will be rejected and scanned to delivery on the system

All circulars in conflict with this circular will be regarded as withdrawn.
This circular comes into operation from the 15 October 2013.

Pretoria Registrar's Circular 10 of 2013

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