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Pretoria Registrar's Circular 18/2014

Registrar’s Circular 18/2014 Re: Broken Batches

1. Purpose
To outline the procedure on how to deal with broken batches.

2. Responsibilities of Prep
Prep must endorse every deed as proof that the complete batch was handed in by the firm for final black book.

If the complete batch was not handed in for final black book, the prep personnel will throw the whole batch back into the firms pigeon hole.

If there is a dispute between firms and prep whether the whole batch was presented for final black book, the "handed in for final black book endorsements" on the covers will be checked to ascertain who was at fault. If it is established that the office was at fault the Assistant Registrar of prep will consent on the cover to allow final black booking at information.

The firm will then have to follow the procedure as with deeds that get put forward.

If it is apparent that the office was not at fault the firm will have to refer the batch to the Deputy of Prep for consent to get the whole batch final black booked.

3. Responsibilities of Data
Taking into consideration that it is possible to final black book individual covers as the system allows incomplete batches to be final black booked; it is possible that an incomplete batch might be deemed to have been final black booked at data.

If data notice that the batch is incomplete they will do a DOTS tracking search.

If it is clear that the rest of the batch was final black booked at the "final black book" tracking point, data will send the deeds through to be scanned "for execution", and thrown out in the Mezzanine pigeon holes.

If the tracking shows all of the deeds in the batch was not final black booked, Data will refer the deeds to DOTS.

If a firm needs to make an enquiry at data, get permission from the Assistant Registrar.

4. Responsibilities of DOTS
Dots will do a search to try to complete the broken batch by searching for the missing covers.

If Dots manage to complete the batch the firm will be contacted and receive the deeds to approach the Assistant Registrar of Dots for permission to have the batch final black booked. The Assistant Registrar will indicate the permission on the cover, and the firm will take the deeds to the information desk for final black booking.

If Dots cannot complete the broken batch, the deeds will be rejected at 11h00 after execution.

5. Responsibilities of Distribution
If Distribution experiences broken or incomplete batches from Data the deeds will be sent back to Data section on the same day after noting the discrepancies in the spreadsheet with the relevant notes on the cover of number 1 of the batch. If found the note will be removed and the deeds will be scanned to an examiner same day. Incomplete or broken batches from examiners will be searched in the section and with the relevant examiner. If no success the next day the relevant firm will be contacted to assist with the search with the possibility of submitting newly drafted deed and documents. The deed or batch will be fast tracked to meet the turnaround time. If all fails, broken batches will be forwarded to Dots for possible rejection. Should the deeds be found after they have been rejected, they can be presented to the Deputy Registrar for possible restoration.

6. This Circular comes into operation immediately.

Pretoria Registrar's Circular 18 of 2014

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