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Pretoria Registrar's Circular 24/2015

Pretoria Registrar’s Circular No 24 of 2015

Issuing of copies of permanently filed deeds

1. Purpose
The purpose of this circular is to prevent the issue of a certified copy to replace a deed while the said deed is permanently filed in the Deeds Office.

2. Background
Clients apply for copies while the original deeds are filed as a TR/VB/DT in the Deeds Office. There is currently nothing in place that alerts the Conveyancer who attends to the application on behalf of the client, or the Information section who issues the copy, or the Examiner, that the original deed is not lost or destroyed as alleged in the application.

3. Procedure
A caveat will be noted by the TR section on the data printout against the property indicating that a deed is filed as a TR/VB/DT. In the case of Township titles, the caveat will be noted against both the property and the Remainder of the Township. The caveat would appear on the property printout as:

CAVEAT-T............. – TR


CAVEAT-B.............. -VB


CAVEAT –SB............ -DT etc.

(Both the title number and permanently filed number will be mentioned in the caveat)

4. Purging of the caveat
This caveat should only be purged by examiners in respect of the property that they dealt with. Only TR section will purge the caveat in its entirety when the TR/VB/DT is withdrawn by the firm.

This circular will come into operation with immediate effect. - 10 September 2015

Pretoria Registrar's Circular No 24 of 2015

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