Priority notices

Priority notices were introduced in November 2016 under the Real Property Amendment (Electronic Conveyancing) Act 2015.

A Priority notice is a form of land dealing which, once registered on title:

- acts as a notice to the public that someone intends to lodge a dealing on a relevant title (for example, a transfer, lease or mortgage); and

- temporarily (ie for the duration of the priority notice) prevents the registration of other dealings in order to preserve the priority-on-title of the dealing covered by the priority notice. Any subsequent dealings are noted on title as 'unregistered dealings' until the priority notice is with­drawn or lapses.

It is thought that priority notices will be a useful tool in the responsible e-conveyancer’s armoury – if genuine land transactions are flagged by a priority notice, it is hoped that identification of potentially fraudulent transactions will be quicker and easier. Thus, for example, if you are intending to lodge a transfer or mortgage, you can register a priority notice to hold the transferee’s or mortgagee’s place on title up until settlement.

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