My husband and I rented our ex-employer’s house for a period of almost 3 years.  After the first written rental agreement expired, a new written agreement was never made.  My ex-employer and I had a verbal agreement that we would rent the premises on a month-to-month basis, as he had potential buyers. 

When we decided to vacate the premises, my husband paid the rent in cash and told him that we would be moving out at the end of the following month.  When we moved out at the end of the month, he then asked what we were doing and said we never gave him any notice. My husband then reminded him of what he had said the previous month.

When we moved, a few items was left behind due to us not being able to transport them, but we told him we would be collecting these, only to be told afterward that we could not have them back. 

KZN prepaid water and lights tokens

The netVendor solution, an internet based prepaid water and electricity tokens system is benefiting both landlords and tenants in KwaZulu-Natal.