“There were times during these years that buyers were literally queuing for properties, and many instances in which properties sold within hours of first being advertised."  

However, he says on the back of the financial downturn, the current market is far from balanced, as evidenced by the findings of FNB’s Estate Agent Survey for the second quarter of 2012 which indicates houses are spending an average of almost 18 weeks on the market. 

Further, he adds, there are properties that, despite repeat online and newspaper advertising, have been on the market for a year or more.  

Tips for tenants looking for a home
Most people start looking for rental homes or flats by scanning the online property ads, b ut there are a few things to think about before leaping in. 

Wayne Albutt, National Manager for the Rawson Property Group’s Rental Franchise Division, gives the following tips for tenants who looking to find accommodation.

The first fact that has to be accepted by any person planning to rent in South Africa, says Albutt, is that demand very definitely outstrips supply at the moment and this means that the tenant will struggle to find accommodation. 

Nevertheless, he says, tenants should take to heart the fact that landlords are, by law, not allowed to discriminate against any person on any grounds other than a poor credit record or an inability to afford the rental property. This is commonly calculated on his rental being less than one-third of his total income or, more accurately, upon the tenant’s monthly net surplus after paying for necessities, explains Albutt.