“These tariffs are definitely much higher than the normal disc meter charges and while the intention is to have everyone on a TOU meter, the differences currently in place are causing much of the unhappiness.”

Spencer says the Peak Demand Tariff is being charged not only for the current month but for 12 months into the future or until a higher peak is reached.

As this is a large portion of the account this does not help the situation.

In addition, he says many people still do not understand that these charges are not aimed at Sectional Title Schemes but at all bulk users irrespective of whether they are residential or commercial or a combination of both.

4 rules for buying a renovator's dream
Purchasing a fixer-upper can be a highly profitable endeavour, providing that a few golden rules are adhered to.   This is according to Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, who says as with all property investments, buyers need to be sure that they are well versed and have completed the necessary groundwork before signing on the bottom line. "This is particularly true when investing in houses that require vast amounts of renovation. Knowing what to buy and what to walk away from is a key element to success with this kind of property purchase.”   

He says there are a couple of reasons why certain investors specifically opt for homes that are in need of attention. Many buy fixer-uppers to turn a profit by selling them at a later stage. The fact that there is less competition in the market for these kinds of homes means that they generally sell for lower prices than most of the homes in the area. Another advantage is their potential for return on investment - especially if they were bought at a good price. 

Cape Town CBD’s building refurbishment
A steady stream of building refurbishments continues to add commercial value to Cape Town’s Central Business District (CBD), ensuring that it remains a quality environment in which to do business.  From subtle interior revamps to major overhauls of existing buildings, developers are keeping up-to-date with the evolving needs of a world class business destination.

Unlike Dubai, not every world-class city can bring its aesthetic and functionality into the 21st century through ground development, explains Rob Kane, chairperson of the Central City Improvement District.

However, he says developers and property owners in the CBD, like many of their counterparts around the world, recognise the commercial importance of refurbishing buildings.

“It is no secret that a defaced property brings down its value and can taint the value of an entire street or whole sections of a city.”

The importance of maintaining and refurbishing buildings in attracting and retaining tenants cannot be overstated.