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Govt allocates an extra R1bn for student housing
A further R1.1 billion has been allocated to build additional accommodation at 17 institutions of higher learning across the country.

Minister of Higher Education and Training Naledi Pandor said the funds have been allocated from the Infrastructure and Efficiency Grant.

“This amount complements the R1 billion that was released to 14 universities for student housing in March 2017. As a result of this significant government investment, all universities are either busy constructing student housing or have funds to start new construction projects in 2018,” Minister Pandor said.

What sellers should expect from an estate agent
As a homeowner, you’ve probably been told time and again that using an agent to sell a property is an essential part of the process. What you may not know is exactly why that is, or what you can expect that agent to bring to the table.

Wayne Albutt, National Sales Manager of the Rawson Property Group, sheds some light on the situation. “The first thing to understand is that successfully selling a property today is about much more than just connecting buyers and sellers. There’s a whole lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, but the better the agent, the less the seller ever sees of this process.”

According to Albutt, a good agent’s role begins long before they meet a particular seller. They need to be experts in their area, and that takes experience, investigation and access to some powerful industry tools. This helps create a foundation of knowledge on which to base sales recommendations like listing prices, and builds a professional reputation that attracts potential buyers from a wide and diverse pool.

When should a landlord start the eviction process?
Many landlords will have at one stage or another found themselves in the situation where their tenant cannot afford to pay the rent anymore and in most cases the tenant will leave voluntarily, but what happens in the case where the tenant refuses to move out?

Sunell Afrika, rentals manager for, says they find that some landlords are too lenient, giving their tenants chance upon chance to rectify situations.

“Tenants can make many empty promises, which results in a big rental loss,” she says. “The best is to remember that this a business transaction, leave emotions out of it to a point, and also follow the guidance of the rental managing agent as they are the ones dealing with the tenant from day to day.”

Six reasons why buying property is better than renting
There is never a bad time to buy if you do your homework, plan your budget properly and get the right help to find the right property.

Just Property share some tips on when it's better to buy…

1. You’re paying off someone else’s bond
According to Brian van Wijk, from Just Property, typically rent is around 0.75% of the value of a property. He says if you find a property priced at a point where your bond repayments would be close to what the market-related rent would be, you should seriously consider buying rather than renting. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of committing to long-term bond repayments, considering affordability, costs, impact on your flexibility etc. This will help you identify your readiness to make this big commitment, he says.

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