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Has SA’s rental property market reached a turning point?
After an extended period of slow growth for the South African rental market, landlords may well be feeling pessimistic about the future of their investments. Contrary to predictions, however, 2019 is turning out to be a relatively positive year for rental properties, with PayProp’s Rental Index for Q1 2019 showing Q4 2018 as a clear turning point for the better.

Most experts are now predicting a return to slow and steady growth as the year progresses. Jacqui Savage, National Rentals Manager for the Rawson Property Group, shares her views on where the market currently stands, and where it’s likely to lead.

“First of all, I think it’s important to dispel some of the negativity surrounding the rental market downturn that we’ve been experiencing,” she begins. “Just like the property sales market, rental markets are cyclical with natural ups and downs, and the recent ‘down’ was neither completely unexpected, nor without a valuable purpose.”

Is estate living for you? Pros, cons and what to consider
There’s little denying that housing estates do a great job of selling an image of a very particular kind of lifestyle that is hard to not find appealing.

The scene is typically filled with lush greenery, open spaces, blue sky, happy families, healthy looking dogs and that intangible sense of community that most of us long to be part of.

While the scene above isn’t necessarily the reality in your typical South African neighbourhood, it is what many estates endeavour to create and offer.

“Here at Leapfrog our property advisors are often asked about the benefits of living in a housing estate, and while each case should be individually considered and evaluated, we will share some of the pros, cons and general considerations,” says Bruce Swain, CEO at Leapfrog Property Group.

Why boosting tourism will benefit SA’s property market
During the recent SONA, President Ramaphosa announced that further support would be given to the tourism sector to market South Africa and double the number of foreign tourists to 21 million a year by 2030 - a goal that could have major implications for property.

A healthy tourism sector goes hand-in-hand with a healthy property market - and not for the reason that most people may think, says Rudi Botha, CEO of national bond originator BetterBond.

“It is always good to hear that foreigners who have been to South Africa on holiday or business have been so impressed that they have decided to buy a property here, or that a favourable rand exchange rate is bringing more overseas investors to internationally renowned holiday home destinations like the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Winelands and Southern Cape ‘Golf Coast’,” says Botha.

“But the real value of tourism growth to the property sector is the opportunities it opens up for South Africans to create new businesses and jobs that result in increased local demand for both commercial and residential real estate.”

Top 10 tips for first-time home buyers
Are you in the market for your first property? From affordability to choosing the right area, you need to carefully consider every aspect to ensure a happy and successful start to your property journey.

The scene is typically filled with lush greenery, open spaces, blue sky, happy families, healthy looking dogs and that intangible sense of community that most of us long to be part of.

Here are Seeff Sandton’s top 10 tips for first-time buyers:
Tip 1 - Crunch the numbers
Have a good look at your budget and your disposable income. What could you spend on a property? Remember that it's not just the home loan repayment. You'll be paying levies or insurance, rates, taxes and utilities too.

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