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Pam Golding launches new online auction offering
The ease and success of the online trading space is a lockdown trend that is expected to continue in a post-Covid environment - with Pam Golding Properties announcing the launch of their new in-house division.

"Pam Golding Auctions is a new online auction initiative, providing sellers with an additional, highly effective channel to market their homes to serious buyers, with properties ‘priced to sell on the day’," says Dr Andrew Golding, CEO of the group. "For sellers, this means one can list and sell one’s property online at an exact point in time – at no additional cost and without any suspensive conditions, tantamount to a cash offer, and of course, still serviced by a Pam Golding Properties agent, with buyer viewings as per usual.

Pam Golding Properties forged a relationship with BidX1 early in 2019 by launching this innovative online auction platform into the South African market, thereby leading the evolution of auctions as a credible sales channel for both sellers and buyers alike. This partnership has now been further entrenched through the launch of Pam Golding Auctions – powered by BidX1.

The fast-changing face of SA’s traditional CBDs
COVID-19 may have accelerated changes to South Africa’s central business districts (CBDs), with many emptying out significantly during the lockdowns, but the truth is that CBDs were changing long before the pandemic hit with companies seeking to close their head offices in favour of more pocket-friendly, but equally as sophisticated serviced office spaces.

Business hubs such as Sandton in Johannesburg and Cape Town’s city centre have long grappled with a reality in which availability begins to outweigh demand, as business owners opt for downsizing either to smaller spaces outside of these hubs or moving to serviced office spaces within these hubs instead, as a way to avoid paying high city rentals. The state of the ailing economy hasn’t helped either.

So, is there any hope of maintaining the CBDs of the past into the future?

Not in their current form, says David Seinker, founder and CEO of The Business Exchange. He believes that today’s workers - and their employers - are seeking something different from the norm. And that means we’ll see many more changes to the status quo in the years to come. Here are some reasons why:

Nobody wants a special levy! The real reason Sectional Titles need a 10-year plan
A 10-year maintenance, repair and replacement plan for major capital assets is an annual general meeting must - and goes a long way in reducing the need for special levies.

According to the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act (STSMA), a 10-year maintenance, repair and replacement plan for major capital assets must be presented at the annual general meeting for approval by the members of the body corporate.

What is the real benefit of planning maintenance so far in advance?
In short, planned regular maintenance allows for both time and finances to be managed more effectively. Carrying out maintenance regularly becomes less onerous and, by spreading out costs more evenly over time, preventative maintenance is more cost-effective in the long term than last-minute repairs.

Dealing with outdated conduct rules? Here's how to create ST rules that really work
A set of Conduct Rules that are modern, clear and specific. can go a long way for trustees that want to create a harmonious and co-operative atmosphere in their Sectional Title schemes.

“We get requests for help all the time from trustees who don’t know what to do about residents not following conduct rules – as well as complaints from residents about trustees who don’t enforce conduct rules, who apply them arbitrarily, or who seem to make up rules as they go along," says Andrew Schaefer, MD of Trafalgar property management.

Community scheme living can be challenging as it often involves people from diverse backgrounds and with different personal preferences. Issues that become a point of contention involve noise disturbance, the keeping of pets, parking problems and refuse disposal, to name only a few.

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