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First buy: Factors to consider
Get the experts' insights on the various factors and pitfalls that first-time buyers should take into account.

Give outdoor area a makeover
Property experts claim that a well-executed outdoor area can increase a home's market value by as much as 30%. Get some nifty tips!

Smart 'green' innovations
Every year the eco-revolution seems to be gaining momentum. Find out what some of the hottest international innovations are that have recently been making headlines.

CT's CBD drawing top dollar
Properties in Cape Town's CBD are being snapped up at top dollar, with some apartments being sold for more than R9m.

Mega-malls faring the best
Retail property investors are now getting far better returns from large, dominant malls than from smaller shopping centres.

London market calling SA investors
Find out more about the London property market's recovery and what SA investors should be targeting in the British capital.

Gauteng budget targets housing
The Gauteng Provincial Government is to spend R12,6bn from its budget on housing delivery. Find out more...

Shopping centres expanding, says JHI
Despite the negative impact of the recession and the economic constraints experienced by consumers, confidence in the retail sector remains positive.

NW to build 14,000 houses
The North West provincial government has committed itself to providing 14,000 houses for the 2010/2011 financial year.

Why can seller appoint conveyancer?
One of the most frequently asked questions is why, if the buyer of a property is paying the conveyancing attorney, the seller has the prerogative to appoint him.

Renovating vs. relocating: The pros, cons
Wondering whether to stay put and renovate or sell and move? Get some tips from an expert before you make up your mind.

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