Registrar's Circulars

Pta Registrar's Circulars Nos. 10-11

Pretoria Registrar's Circular No. 10 of 2015

Access and Consultation hours

1.  Purpose
To regulate access and consultation times between deeds office officials and conveyancers.

2.  Background
To address the possible collusion between officials and conveyancers in not following due processes in the registration of deeds and non-adherence to time schedules regarding access and consultation.

3.  Access
Access by conveyancers and their staff will be limited to 7h30 and 12h00. Any access outside these office hours should be arranged by appointment with the relevant official.

4.  Consultation
Conveyancers and their staff are requested to consult deeds office officials only between 8h00 to 10h30 and 11h00 to 12h00. Junior examiners will attend to notes at the prep section between 10h30 and 11h30. All examination staff are requested to be seated in their respective offices during the above-mentioned times. All "ran around" work should be performed either before or after the above mentioned period.

The circular will come in operation on the 1st July 2015.

Pretoria Registrar's Circular 10 of 2015 (Access and Consultation hours)



Pretoria Registrars Circular No. 11 of 2015

Issuing of barcodes

1. Purpose
1.1 The purpose of this circular is to outline the procedure relating to the issuing and collection of barcodes.

2. Background
The office has identified the fraud risk associated with the issuing and collection of barcodes and the possible manipulation of the process thereof. To mitigate this risk of unauthorised use, misuse of lost and stolen barcodes, the office has introduced new control measures to address/prevent this problem.

3. New procedure for issuing of barcode

  1. The conveyancing firm must make an application on the letter head of the law firm authorising the individual to collect barcodes on their behalf.
  2. Individuals collecting barcodes must identify themselves in a form of Identity document, drivers licence or access card.
  3. The register which is currently in place must be completed and duly signed by the individual collecting barcodes.
  4. The letter will be filed at DOTS section, however a letter will be required whenever the new set of barcodes are requested.
  5. The letter will be checked by the official at DOTS section where submissions will be made and be verified by the supervisor or manager of the section whenever barcodes are being issued.
  6. No barcodes will be issued to a conveyancing firm which has adequate stock level of barcodes of at least six month at their disposal.
  7. Conveyancing firms are urged to report any fraudulent activities they may detect regarding the unauthorised use of barcodes for possible investigation by the office Registrar of Deeds.

The circular will come in operation on the 01 July 2015

Pretoria Registrar's Circular 11 of 2015 (Issuing of Barcodes)

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