Qld solicitors outsource

The Queensland Law Society has noticed an "increasing trend" for some Queensland solicitors to not only unsupervise conveyancing within their offices, but to subcontract or outsource conveyancing matters to non-professional companies and individuals.

Ian Foote, senior solicitor in the Queensland Law Society's Professional Standards Department, says that, "This unfortunate development by solicitors to outsource conveyancing work has arisen from the very competitive fixed-fee conveyancing market", freeing up the time for solicitors to spend their personal legal talents to more profitable pursuits. The Queensland Legal Practice Act 2004 prohibits unqualified persons from engaging in legal practice, this includes conveyancing work.

The client is in effect short changed into thinking his solicitor is applying his legal knowledge and skills to complete the matter, while the solicitor is in breach of his professional obligations.

Full article on Property Review

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