Radical change

The Law Society has warned conveyancing solicitors that they will need to consider 'radical' change - such as increasing their liability - to ensure they retain a 'sustainable commercial role' in the property market. Chief executive Des Hudson questioned whether the market would continue to pay lawyers' rates for work related to the transfer of title without solicitors taking on additional risk.

Comments to this article include:
I don't know where Mr Hudson has been in the past few years. If he had been working in conveyancing and had attended his requisite CPD training hours, he would have understood the amount of responsibility which is placed on conveyancers, by lenders, the courts, indemnity insurers, the law society, and others, not to forget the clients!

The attempt to make conveyancing purely a "tick box exercise" is doomed to fail, and deservedly so. The law society needs to spread the word about the invaluable service which qualified conveyancers (solicitors and experienced legal executives) provide, not make practitioners feel that everything they do is wrong.

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