Radical Irish law reform

The Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform together with the Law Reform Commission (LRC) intends overhauling Ireland's archaic land and conveyancing laws, the oldest of which dates to the 13th century. By the time their work is finished, the entire conveyancing transaction could be completed at the click of a mouse.

It is intended that the project will:

  • Simplify the law and improve its presentation, in order to make it easily understood and accessible for practitioners and the public alike.
  • Update the law to accommodate changing social, demographic and economic needs, e.g. new forms of property ownership;
  • Make the conveyancing of property easier and faster with a view to reducing costs and delays.
The programme will include three phases:
  • A review of existing legislation which will culminate in publication by the Law Reform Commission of a Consultation Paper in October 2004.
  • A conference on "Modernising Irish Land and Conveyancing Law".
  • The drafting of a Bill (or Bills) to give effect to the proposals for reform, by August 2005.
Once the overhaul is complete it is believed that the online paperless transaction model will speed up the conveyancing process to such a degree that the time spent by lawyers on compiling documents will ultimately lead to reduced legal fees.

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