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The Law Society of South Africa recently issued new Recommended guidelines of fees for conveyancers. No changes have been made to the guidelines for actual bond and transfer costs, but costs for other items such as bond cancellations have been affected. Another point worth noting is that with cancellations charges the distinction between whether financial arrangements are to be made by the conveyancer or not has been done away with and the new guideline fee is R800,00 for both instances.

The new guidelines apply to transfers and bonds for both conventional and sectional title matters and apply to all instructions received by the conveyancer on or after 1 August 2006.

A GhostConvey update incorporating the applicable amendments will be released onto the GhostConvey web update site prior to 1 August 2006.

Recommended guideline of fees - Conventional Deeds

Recommended guideline of fees - Sectional Deeds

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