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Risk Alert Bulletin - COVID-19

In the first quarter of 2020, the unrivalled focal point of international interest, and the leading cause of worldwide fear and anxiety, has been the rapid spread of the coronavirus. The pandemic arises as the legal profession is still trying to grapple with the new risks – such as cybercrime – which have emerged in the past decade. In this article I will:

  1. attempt to show the potential risk that the pandemic poses for the legal profession in South Africa (SA);
  2. highlight the measures that other jurisdictions have implemented in order to ensure that the administration of justice continues – even on a limited scale – in the face of the pandemic; and
  3. suggest measures that legal practices can consider implementing in order to deal with this new risk.

All of which is dealt with in a comprehensive manner in the Bulletin under the following headings:

  • The need to act
  • The potential impact on the legal profession
  • Lessons from other jurisdictions
  • The role of the regulators
  • International Bar Association (IBA) recommendations
  • Suggested risk management measures
  • Inurance cover
  • Force Majeure

Thomas Harban
General Manager,
Telephone: (012) 622 3928

Risk Alert Bulletin - April 2020  

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