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A look behind the scenes at the English and Scottish e-conveyancing roll-outs in which, over the coming years, a range of electronic services provided by Land Registry, starting with the Chain Matrix prototype in November, will be released until a large proportion of Land Registry's work is online. The large electronic systems will be implemented in a planned approach consisting of five incremental stages (tranches). Almost 70% of solicitors and conveyancers and over 70% of estate agents have said that they would take up the first stage - the Chain Matrix - which starts in November. Plans for Electronic Discharge (ED) services and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) are also progressing well.

In Scotland, the Registers of Scotland (ROS) are only providing an e-registration system, not an e-conveyancing system. This system is called ARTL - Automated Registration of Title to Land. The first live trial electronic registrations are intended to take place in November, with roll-out of full-system functionality across Scotland beginning in February 2007.

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