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Roodefontein corruption

Property developers must adhere to the correct procedures in applying for provincial approval, as illegal deviations can cause long delays in the approval process, according to Ingrid Coetzee under cross examination in the corruption case involving former Western Cape premier Peter Marais and his former environmental MEC David Malatsi.

The details of the "sweeteners" aside, Coetzee (who was the designated official with the authority to approve or reject rural development applications) said that her attitude to such applications was neither negative nor positive, but depended on a number of issues, of which the impact on the environment was of major importance.

She denied that she was a "stickler for detail", but was adamant that things had to be done correctly and that procedures and principles had to be correctly followed. Her main problem with the Roodefontein development was the lack of information about crucial issues.

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