s118: Cpt - Admin Fee Account

The implementation of the validation of the implementation of the new Admin Fee process in October 2015 has led to a number of conveyancing firms not paying their accounts. In summary the main reasons include:

  • Incorrect registration when conveyancing firms registered via E Services on the City of Cape Town website.
  • Conveyancing firms having more than one Business Partner linked to their KREF (Korbitec) or LAN (E4) number and only paying one of the accounts and sometimes unaware of the other accounts.
  • Incorrect postal address.

As a result the City of Cape Town has uplifted the validation and will allow a final grace period where these matters can be addressed and resolved (see attached document for the processes) before the validation is re-implemented early this year. This will be a once off process to assist attorneys with receiving their invoices and to update the City’s records, whereafter the Debt Management process will resume.

However, prior notification will be sent out advising as to when the validation of the Admin fee will be re-implemented to avoid the unnecessary delays of applications not being successful.

S118 Applications - Administration Fee Account

Reader Comments:

Ronel Genis 18/01/2016:

Even though our registration was correct, Town Council still sent our invoices to about 5 different address all over South Africa. We spent hours trying to correct this. Our last invoice was AGAIN sent to the wrong address, but this time they also faxed it and luckily they used the correct fax number. I do not think the attorneys are incorrectly registered, I think it was incorrectly captured.

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