S118: Cpt - Automation of refund


I refer to previous communication, with specific reference to my communication dated 6 April 2017, regarding the "Instruction to Process Refund" form as part of the automation of refunds for the final accountt(s) of the seller as part of the S118 process.

As per the above communication, the "Instruction to Process Refund" form has now become manditory and the validation has been implemented in the automated refund process as the phased in period has lapsed.

Refunds for manual S118 applications will have to comply with the required process, procedure and all required documentation, with specific reference to banking details via the Corporate Call Centre or Revenue Walk in Centres.

Please Note:
Despite the abovementioned communication, there are still conveyancers that does not attach the mandatory “Instruction to Refund' form which has resulted in more than 1650 refunds being in a pending status. Messages have been sent to attorneys to attach the document but still no response. This is having a huge administrative impact on the processing of refunds and turnaround times.

A kind request that the “Instruction to Refund' document be attached where requested. Failing to meet this requirement by 22 September 2017, all those refund matters in pending will be rejected and the matters closed and the seller informed accordingly.

Going forward, those refund cases where the mandatory document is not attached will be rejected after notifying the seller and those refunds will have to follow the manual process and procedure via the Corporate Call Centre or Revenue Walk in Centres.

S118 - Refunds - Instruction to Refund

Reader Comments:

Mandy Hamlett 26/09/2017:

I have had these rejected by Council when they do not recognise that the Conveyancer is also the Executor/Administrator of a deceased estate and is therefore also the Seller.

Ninette Tarlton 27/09/2017:

I have addressed a letter to the City of Cape Town regarding various issues we are encountering with trying to get refunds processed via our vendor software. After the information sessions held by the City in April 2016 we submitted the applications as instructed but never received any notification afterwards regarding change in procedure.

Despite this, refund cases are being closed with emails being sent to us to advise that the client must apply manually for a refund because we did not furnish the necessary (even though we did).

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