SARS Transfer Duty system launched

On 23 August 2012 SARS introduced a modernised Transfer Duty system.  The new system will be mandatory from 1 October 2012.  To be able to use the new Transfer Duty system Conveyancers are urged to activate it by updating their details on eFiling well before 1 October 2012.  This is to make certain that the correct conveyancer details are on file. The activation process will also ensure that a Transfer Duty Financial Account Number is assigned to all legal entities that register.  This is required for the enablement of the eAccount.

The new system entails the merging of the five Transfer Duty forms into one dynamic form (TDC01). As from the above mentioned date SARS will not accept any new Transfer Duty transaction on the five old application forms. However, transactions that were completed on the old forms prior to 1 October 2012 and have been received SARS will be processed.

The key features of the new system will allow users to:

  • Complete all necessary information in GhostConvey.

  • Print the SARS declaration for signature by all parties to confirm that all the information is correct.

  • Submit the request for a Transfer Duty Declaration directly to eFiling.

  • Receive correspondence and status updates from SARS directly to GhostConvey’s Message Centre. When processing these messages, correspondence will be saved to the Attached Documents menu.

  • On request from SARS, submit supporting documents using GhostConvey.

  • If necessary, make corrections in GhostConvey and send the amendment to SARS.

  • Receive the TDC01 in GhostConvey.

  • Receive the Transfer Duty Receipt after payment is made on eFiling.

  • View Transfer Duty figures sent by SARS in the Final Account.

  • Electronically cancel submitted Transfer Duty Declaration requests at any time.  


As data for transfer duty applications is sent electronically from GhostConvey to SARS:

  • The data won't have to be recaptured.

  • Transfer duty figures from SARS will import into GhostConvey, and

  • Transfer duty calculations will be accurate, cutting down on cancellations and rejections. 


Training workshops
It is recommended that you attend formal training at one of the Korbitec branches before you begin using the SARS integration functionality via GhostConvey.  Training commences from Monday, 10 September 2012 and SARS Transfer Duty applications via GhostConvey will be free of charge during the initial release phase. 

In the training workshop, users will be shown how to:

  1. Register for SARS eFiling

  2. Activate GhostConvey for SARS eFiling

  3. Complete a request for Transfer Duty Declaration in GhostConvey

  4. Use the new TDC01 form in the Print list 

  5. Submit a request for a Transfer Duty Declaration to SARS

  6. Access letters/notifications from SARS

  7. Submit supporting documents 

  8. Read and query status changes 

  9. Submit a request for a correction 

  10. Make a payment using eFiling

  11. Access a Transfer Duty Receipt 

  12. Cancel a submitted Transfer Duty Declaration 

  13. Request a refund using eFiling

Click here to book and to find out about a training workshop at a branch near you. 

Letter from SARS introducing the Modernised Transfer Duty System

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