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With fast, efficient service being key for customers, and avoiding delays on registrations being vital for Attorneys, it becomes increasingly important to work smart, simplify processes and be able to access more information in one place.

GhostConvey has just launched fully-integrated Deeds Office searching, allowing Conveyancers a convenient and direct link to live data from Deeds Office databases. This new functionality makes searching simpler and faster with conveyancing-related searches being available directly within a matter. Deeds Office Property and Person Searches, as well as other relevant searches including Erf-to-Street Conversion, CIPC and Spider Searches are now all available directly within the GhostConvey package. Mari van Wyk, General Manager of GhostConvey, says, “The intuitive new functionality within GhostConvey has been created with convenience, cost saving and workflow efficiency in mind.”

For every transfer process, Deeds Office searches and property validations need to be completed, and currently, this has only been available via third-party software, outside of conveyancing packages. As a result, this requires additional subscriptions and sign-ins, and could also incur significant added costs.

This new integration, available exclusively to GhostConvey customers, offers value to all involved in the transfer process. All stakeholders can be confident that reliable information is obtained, ensuring registration is not unnecessarily delayed. Conveyancers’ workflow is also enhanced by a more convenient method of validating a property. This data acquired through these searches is automatically populated into the matter, eliminating the possibility of capturing errors or the need for recapturing.

In addition, GhostConvey customers will be able to access this live Deeds Office search functionality at the most cost-effective rate available in the market, for example only R6.99 (excl. VAT) for a Deeds Office Property Search, resulting in considerable savings to the Firm.

“This feature creates a more comprehensive conveyancing package, fulfilling more of our customers’ needs in a simpler, more convenient and cost-effective way, and we are very pleased to be able to offer live integrated Deeds Office searching directly from our product”, says van Wyk.

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