Section 118 payments

Payment of financial values for section 118 certificates

Conveyancers in Cape Town must with immediate effect refrain from instructing their clients to pay financial values for Section 118 certificates directly to the City Council.  If payments are made incorrectly (see Section 118 admin nightmare ), there is no guarantee that the payment will be honoured, thus impacting on 3rd party vendors who have enough problems of their own.

To avoid an additional administrative burden, financial adjustments, financial control and levying the transferring attorney with the administrative cost thereof, the following process will apply:

  • Any application for a Section 118 certificate received where the payment was made by either the buyer or the seller or a third party, will not be dealt with within the service level agreement time frame.

  • The application will only be processed after the above mentioned period.  This will result in a further delay while the incorrect payments are transferred to the correct accounts via the financial adjustment process.

Law Society - Payments for Section 118 Certificate

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