Sectional Title Templates Book

The Sectional Title Templates Book

Paddocks Publishing CC (January 2013)
Author: Prof Graham Paddock
Pages: 77
ISBN: 978-0-9870415-2-4
Price: R375

The Sectional Title Templates Book is an essential reference book for anyone who lives in, owns,or manages a sectional title. It provides a comprehensive list of templates that are needed in the day-to-day activities of sectional title schemes. The book has the following three sections of over 50 templates in total.

  1. Administrative management  
  2. Financial management  
  3. Physical management

Why should the book prove to be useful?  To quote from the Preface:

"This book contains templates covering a range of sectional title scheme management applications, notices, records, letters, contracts, forms and other documents.  They are designed to provide samples for use and adaptation by managing agents, trustees and owners in their various roles in the process of scheme management.  They also include explanatory notes designed to assist the person completing the form by providing reference to the relevant parts of the Sectional Titles Act.  Some examples have been added to several of the templates to demonstrate what can be included in specific templates.

These are guidelines and do not have to be included.  If a body corporate wishes to streamline its administration by requiring the use of these templates, a conduct rule can be made to this effect, for example reading: 'The forms set out in the latest edition of Paddocks Sectional Title Templates Book must be used in the administration of this scheme.'"

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