Sectional Titles

Sectional Titles Amendment Bill

It aims to substitute certain definitions, repeal redundant provisions, make certain textual alterations and make provision regarding the registration of extensions to sectional title schemes with regard to exclusive use areas. The bill intends to speed up the process of developing sectional title schemes and to provide cost effectiveness for the public benefit.

I will highlight a couple of the changes here. Clause 6(b) inserts a paragraph - ss10 (dA), into Section 25 of the Act. This is to clarify registration procedures for the extension of schemes by the addition of sections and exclusive use areas. Clause 7 provides for the technical amendments that are aimed at providing a mechanism for incorporating new conditions into the Section 11(3)(b) schedule for the lodgment of prescribed documents.

Clause 8 concerns changes to Section 27 of the Act. It makes linking exclusive areas optional, to benefit prospective buyers and resolve the marketing problem for developers. It also provides for the vesting of the remaining exclusive use areas in the name of the body corporate and the procedures to be followed.

Sectional Titles Amendment Bill

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