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From the 30th of March to the 1st of April 2009 the University of Cape Town together with Prof. Paddock, a specialist sectional title attorney, and Clint Riddin, a specialist sectional title accountant and auditor, will for the first time in Johannesburg present a 3-day course on the development of sectional title property.

"At least half of all existing sectional title schemes are in Gauteng" says Prof. Paddock "and a high percentage of new Gauteng property developments are brought to the market as sectional title." Many developments that do not have to be sectional title are developed as schemes because developers find that this is the quickest and most flexible option. In the current challenging economic times, it is more important than ever for developers and the professionals who assist them to have at their fingertips a detailed knowledge of the options and processes involved in sectional title scheme development, so as to make their developments as profitable as possible and avoid getting involved in unnecessary disputes.

"There are complex issues involved in planning and executing a sectional title development" says Prof. Paddock. "The design of the sectional plan, the content of the scheme conditions and rules, the enforceability of scheme contracts and the exercise of future development rights are all issues that need careful consideration. In addition, the Sectional Titles Act contains a variety of consumer protection provisions that developers need to understand if they are to avoid problems."

"Our objective is to unpack and explain the sectional title development process, both from a legal and from a financial perspective" says Prof. Paddock, "the course is designed to appeal not only to developers, but also to the professional and support staff who assist sectional title developers including attorneys, managing agents, accountants, architects, land surveyors and financiers."

The course is presented from Monday the 30th of March to Wednesday the 1st of April 2009 at the Idle Winds Conference Centre in Johannesburg and covers the following topics: Definition of the developer, pre-sales activities, the sectional plan, future development rights, scheme rules, scheme contracts, sales, tenant's pre-emptive rights, approval of the sectional plan and opening of the register, transfers/cessions of rights, handover to body corporate and interim bookkeeping.

For further information on the UCT Sectional Title Developer course or to register please contact Christina on 021 674 7818 or at

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