Solicitors must adapt

The Law Society Council has adopted a new e-strategy amid warnings that solicitors' firms that fail to adapt to developments in IT could find themselves out of business within two or three years. As e-government and Land Registry initiatives gather pace many firms could be on the brink of their biggest challenge: new business practices driven by the continuing information technology revolution and the introduction of alternative business structures…

Under the e-strategy the Society will focus on three key areas: supporting 'priority' adopters of IT (smallest firms which are not using IT effectively); encouraging solicitors to become more confident users; and ensuring that decision-makers in firms are well-informed. The changes ahead should not be underestimated and it is believed that in many areas of practice, within two or three years, being off-line could mean being out of business. It must be remembered also, that just having IT in place is inadequate; it has to be used effectively.

Article on Law Gazette

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