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The wide acceptance of document management systems is giving rise to a demand for more sophisticated models according to Kellie Harpley in the Australian Lawyers Weekly.

Electronic document management systems have moved well beyond the realm where law firms are talking about them to the stage where they are being implemented in sophisticated forms. Document management is becoming a business critical issue with the challenge to maximise its benefits and to serve clients better. By wrapping a workflow around document management processes, areas such as conveyancing can become more streamlined and the improvement in the process measurable. Larger firms are now after workflow solutions as they already have the information management solutions that can store data securely and reliably.

The implementation of such systems is dependent on a thorough understanding of the needs and "stresses" of all the people who will be using the system. In many respects the limitations from a technological point of view no longer exist and it is now a "cultural acceptance of the customer base, knowledge and education of the firm and leadership of the various partners and individuals who will embrace that way of working."

Article on Lawyers weekly

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