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Modern technology is making life easier and more efficient. Or is it? More and more, documents that require immediate attention and sign off are being sent by email. Whether it’s a proxy, a resolution, a mandate, an agreement of sorts, some document or another from an insurer or a bank, or even a consent for your child’s school trip, it requires your signature. Now.

Email means you don’t have the inconvenience of having to travel to a bank or an office or some other institution to physically sign the document, but there’s still the hassle of needing to print, sign, scan and email back to the sender.

Digital interventions are ensuring businesses are delivering optimal services and digitally-geared businesses are revolutionizing processes by embracing e-signatures. Lexis Sign not only allows business continuity plans it also ensure that that you don’t lose momentum on the work.

What is Lexis Sign?
Lexis Sign is a firmly establised LexisNexis digital signing platform which makes it quick and convenient for all parties to sign documents meaning there is no more printing, signing and scanning.

How does it work?
Lexis Sign is compatible with all mobile devices:

  • Upload the PDF that you need signed. You can also request supporting documents, like a copy of an ID, doctors certificate etc.
  • Recipients securely apply their digital signatures using one of the various methods of identification. They are able to sign the document remotely.
  • As soon as the document is securely signed, you’ll be notified. With Lexis Sign the document is completely tamper-proof and uneditable, ensuring no additions, deletions or missing pages.
  • Download a secure PDF of the signed document, sync Lexis Sign with your cloud storage solution, integrate with your existing systems via API or store your documents safely on Lexis Sign

Simple. Easy. Safe.

Revolutionize the way you do business, start your 60 day free trial here or for more information contact us on 0861 153 947 or email

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