Korbitec GhostConvey has finalised an agreement with the leading provider of municipal switching services, Streamline Solutions, to directly switch rates enquiry and clearance certificate transactions on behalf of its customers with the City Of Cape Town.

The new partnership between Korbitec GhostConvey and Streamline Solutions, whilst ensuring existing operations continue uninterrupted, will focus on improving the current service offering while exploring new and exciting opportunities to further extend its footprint.

According to Franz Hirschberg (CEO - Streamline Solutions), the company has also appointed regional account managers in order to oversee the implementation of the new service offering. Says Hirschberg: "Our account managers fulfil the essential task of providing seamless service engagement between attorneys (and other end users) and municipal councils. We believe that a focussed approach through dedicated, personal interaction with end users, is key in ensuring a better experience for all parties."

Mari van Wyk (General Manager - Ghost Convey) and Franz Hirschberg (CEO - Streamline Solutions)

According to Hirschberg and Mari van Wyk (General Manager - GhostConvey), "We appreciate that we are part of an interconnected world and that, ultimately, our success depends on a seamless integration of what is, in essence, a complex and highly important function."

"This exciting development is just another example of Korbitec GhostConvey's commitment to improving its customer's experience through pursuing new and innovative solutions," concludes Van Wyk.

Naturally GhostConvey users wanting to send requests to the Cape Town City Council will want to know more. Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

Will much change?

  1. On the face of it, no, as you will continue to send your requests through GhostConvey as you currently do, but our Korbitec Gateway technology will carry your requests and messages to and from the Council;
  2. All queries that there may be will be handled by Korbitec's Customer Services.

How will this improve your current application process?
  1. Each application will immediately receive a unique reference;
  2. No more applications will be lost and require to be resent;
  3. You will instantly be notified if your application is not accurately completed;
  4. IMPORTANTLY, the Rates Clearance Certificate will appear in the GhostConvey print list under your 'initial letters';
  5. There will be no need to log onto a third party website to retrieve your Rates Clearance Certificate;
  6. You will enjoy a faster turnaround on queries and issues as Korbitec Customer Services will become your single point of contact.

What is the financial implication?
  1. A saving of R35.00 or more per transaction as the Rates Clearance Certificate can be reprinted at no extra cost;
  2. Your current charge of R68,00 (plus VAT) per rates application will now be billed to your Korbitec account;
  3. Your current charge of R68,00 (plus VAT) per rates Certificate will now be billed to your Korbitec account.

How to get started?
  1. If Korbitec Gateway is activated at your firm, no changes need to be made and the new system will automatically apply for all new applications; or
  2. If Korbitec Gateway is not yet activated at your firm, please contact 0860 266 839 for assistance.

We look forward to a successful rollout of this exciting new project and to provide you with a better alternative. If you have any queries or comments please do not hesitate contact us.

For more information on the Streamline Solutions - innovative, integrated municipal solutions, contact Streamline Solutions on info@streamlinesolutions.co.za.

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