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The speed at which hardware and software technology has improved and the growth of the Internet means that specialised conveyancing software has gone from being a theoretical experiment to a highly efficient, practical and affordable software system. Conveyancing software maximises productivity and improves the accuracy and quality of documents and when linked to a database allows for the easy availability of information for interested parties both inside and outside the firm.

Needless to say the core competency of such software is its ability to perform document automation, and here flexibility and the ability to compile documents based on a set of precedents is vital, as is their regular updating. Added bonuses to such software include the calculation of accounts, the management of staff (how much each member is doing) and client information.

Christian Beck then looks at recent advancements in conveyancing technology, and writes that some systems have the following features:

  • E-mail management - e-mails become integrated into the matter;
  • Fax management - sending of faxes from the system;
  • Integration with government systems online - online searches as is found in Windeed for example;
  • Calendar integration;
  • Automated prompting - prefigured matter prompts; and
  • The automation of other areas of the law such as leases.
The last point worth noting is that the final realisation of a totally electronic conveyancing regime in many countries is a lot closer than many people think. Reflect upon how conveyancing software has changed in the last five years, and project where you think it could be five years hence.

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