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Termination of Windows 95 support

What this means is that software developers will eventually have to cease developing their products for Windows 95 platforms and Word 95 applications. That is not to say that application software still in development by software developers will suddenly become inoperative. Rather, upgrades to both existing software products and to newly released products will eventually fail to function in the 95 environment and no fixes will be available.

This includes changes to Microsoft components so the charge cannot be laid at the door of software developers. For example, new versions of Explorer might not operate on the Windows 95 platform. In order to obviate falling foul of changes of this kind in the IT industry, users should attempt to migrate from the Windows 95 platform and Word 95 application by the end of September. The link below details product lifestyle dates and will provide more information on Microsoft's lifestyle support policy and its implications for users and software developers.

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