The Conveyancing Room

The launch of The Conveyancing Room, at the end of March, means that all parties to a transaction (solicitors, clients, estate agents, mortgagees and other parties) can communicate in a secure, online environment. It is a low cost system that will enable clients to monitor progress and communicate online. has been developed specifically for the legal sector by Ltd. using unique system tools and novel online systems. The new tool creates websites in the corporate design of individual firms providing a secure, online environment.

The online 'filing cabinet' contains files for communications with the various parties but under pre-defined reading and writing powers. For example, clients may read but not write communications with the other party's solicitor. ( is an external communication system, not an internal case management system.) There is also an online store area for documents - the drafting of which can therefore, be finalised online and archived for future reference.

The system allows clients to use the internet to communicate (messages, advice etc remain always available from any PC at any location) and to track their matters in a more convenient way. This means that clients will not have to make follow-up telephone calls or send unordered e-mails.

To emphasise this point, the managing director of Ltd., Graham Ross, says:

"Unlike ordinary e-mail, all mail and documents would be instantly accessible at all times from any PC located anywhere (at home or abroad) and remain available even in the event of total data loss on the office network. Partners would be able to discreetly monitor and/or mentor fee earners. Importantly, advertising and referral response would increase through clients, estate agents and house builders, preferring firms who offer the full online monitoring and communication that enables."

The website has a sample conveyancing room in skeleton format where a visitor can log in and get an indication of the functionality offered. Firms acquiring these sites can customise them with their own logos, graphics, colour schemes etc. The firm is able to customise the naming of the message areas, the classes of users and the reading and writing powers of each class of user for each message area.

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