The top ten of 2004

These articles are at the top because they either ellicited lively responses from readers, or were the most read articles during the year. In no particular order then and with their introductions they are:

  • Misconceptions about conveyancers
    It is about time the public was educated as to what conveyancers actually do.
  • Excessive levy clearance fees
    Is an R800 fee charged by a body corporate for a levy clearance certificate excessive?
  • Sectional title confusion
    The November amendment to section 37(2) of the Sectional Titles Act has sparked controversy in the property industry. And its follow up ...
  • Clearance certificates
    Feedback from Sapoa regarding the Sectional title confusion article. A report from their consultant which will shortly be considered by their specialist committee, expressed the following views.
  • Frustrated
    A reader writes regarding his property transfer: "... a friend told me that it is the same experience as going through a divorce."
  • Fica update
    An article bringing together all the other articles covering this subject.
  • Proposed crackdown
    Attorneys and property regulators plan to crack down on lucrative deals in which conveyancers "buy" conveyancing work from estate agents. And its sister article Kickbacks
  • A GhostDigest newsfeed
    All the latest conveyancing news from GhostDigest can now be incorporated into your website with ease.
  • Time to transfer
    Should it take four weeks or four months to register a "typical" transfer? Lizelle Kilbourn wrote a thesis to answer this question.
  • Conveyancing tariff debate
    Last week's article on Louis de Villiers' call for the profession to reconsider the conveyancing tariff again has had a lively response.

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