The year that was - 2015

Casting my eye over the 370 or so articles published in the GhostDigest during 2015, a number of informative and popular ones immediately spring to prominence which are worthy of a revisit before PCs are switched off, offices shut and holidays embarked upon. They are in no particular order, the following (each heading links to the relevant article):

Are you using GhostMarketer yet?
The first of and an introduction to an outstanding series of articles by Jack and Paddy Crook of LawDotNews in which they explain how law firms can stay ahead of their competitors by using GhostMarketer and LawDotNews marketing solutions in an effective, low-effort, low-cost marketing and communication system. 

Tables of Costs
By far the most used resource on the GhostDigest. These were updated twice during the year, first when to reflect changes announced in the budget to transfer duty in March and again in May when the latest Deeds Office fees came into operation.

Registrars Conference Resolutions
The Complete Compilation and Index to Registrars Conference Resolutions is an essential resource for conveyancing professionals when drafting deeds and documents, and in the words of one reviewer an absolute must.

Revisiting notarial ties
In which Nkuba Ngoasheng revisits the legal effect of notarial ties, predicaments with their classification and how to deal with a property subject to a notarial tie when it is sold.

Municipal debt victory
The case of Stand 278 Strydom Park (Pty) Ltd which reaffirmed the right that services to a new owner can't be terminated because of previous owners' debts.

Pre-emptive right/condition
Allen West explains why from a conveyancing point of view and for the ensuing reasons it is imperative to distinguish between a pre-emptive right proper and a pre-emptive right condition.

Alien and invasive regulations - III
Some clarity following a series of articles on the practical effect of the applicability of NEMBA to the sale of immovable property.

Normal practice or flawed routine?
In this article Zelda Olivier brings attention to unsound and flawed routines which amount to a failure to exercise that degree of skill and care required by a reasonable conveyancer.

MOS Checklist
A checklist developed in response to requests to the Attorneys Insurance Indemnity Fund (AIIF) for guidelines for drafting a Minimum Operating Standards (MOS) policy.

Your house in a trust
The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) judgment of WT and Others v KT illustrates what happens if your home is registered in the name of a trust and you get divorced.

And finally:

2016 Conveyancing Seminar
Don't forget Allen West's overview of the recent Registrars' Conference Resolutions and what you need to know to lodge deeds and documents in 2016 - a MUST for conveyancers.

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