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Title bout

Apparently a dispute over a tree triggered the battle which has gone all the way to the supreme court of appeal. The war between Brentwood Park sectional title owners has also shown how, even in the best of sectional title complexes, things can go horribly wrong when it comes to communal living.

At the heart of the ill will is the inability businessman Warren Williams is having in getting the three owners of the remaining seven units (Martin van Actherbergh and his two sisters-in-law) to address problems to do with alleged financial impropriety and other property faults such as the maintenance of the sectional title scheme.

These problems have been compounded by Williams' attempts to remove the court- appointed administrator, Peter Nathan, as he had a white-collar criminal charge brought against him 20 years ago. Williams, who lost his application to the high court to have Nathan removed, has now taken the matter to the supreme court of appeal.

Article in Financial Mail

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