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What we see, all too often, is lawyers confused and bedeviled by their technology. We hear you when you scream “I just want it to work!” But if you expend some serious effort in learning about your technology, a process of demystification takes place over time—you’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish by yourself. And never be afraid to Google a question or search YouTube—you’d be astonished how many questions can be asked and answered by reputable sources.

Therefore if lawyers understand their technology…

  1. Lawyers can save money
  2. Lawyers can make their practices more efficient
  3. and Lawyers can make their data more secure

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Reader Comments:

Meyer de Waal 19/05/2017:

Lawyers need to embrace technology that can enhance their productivity. The downside of technology is that it is available 24/7 and as such one “never leaves” the office as most of your work can be done online. The benefits are that you can link up via the internet with your office and your clients. In the property environment, PropertyTech, the latest “buzzword” following FinTech, allows conveyancing attorneys to work smarter and more efficient. Some 10 years ago, the first PropertyTech tools were online property listings developed by companies which are the leaders in the property listing environment to today such a Property 24 and Private Property.

Then conveyancing software was developed and the leaders in the market are Korbitec and E4. Prop Data, a service to load one listing and syndicate such listing to up to 9 online property portals enable attorneys to step into the property sales environment and compete on equal footing with estate agents who traditionally dominated the property sales environment. Attorneys applying their legal training, experience and large national network of fellow attorneys can in many instances provide a superior service in the entire value chain to market, sell and attend to the conveyancing process of a property of a client of the attorney.

PropertyTech tools such as the online and paperless prequalification process developed by a conveyancing attorney called My Bond Fitness, allows an attorney realtor the advantage of only introducing home buyers that obtained a in-advance indication of the home loan he or she can qualify for. This is a distinctive benefit to a property seller. Virtual Reality Tours can replace the numerous viewings a property seller must accommodate in the quest to find a home buyer. Software packages enables conveyancing attorneys to execute theirs tasks more accurately, but in the same time acts as a CRM [Client Relationship Management] tool to enable the attorney to grow a database of his clients. Companies such a Succeed, who provides an IT backup service to attorneys enables the attorney firm to expand their email mailing list, a vital component in customer communication. Conclusion – If you do not embrace technology as an attorney – you are left in the stone-age.

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