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Unresponsive cursor?

An unresponsive cursor is often not caused by anything as dramatic as a hardware or software conflict, but simply by a dirty mouse.

How do we clean it?

1) Hold the mouse in the palm of your hand, turned on its back. Notice the ball in the plastic casing.
2) Open the casing by turning the surrounding piece of O plastic around the ball anti clockwise (you may see arrows on the O plastic ring indicating the direction you should turn it to remove it). Remove the ball.
3) If you look into the cavity from which the ball came, you will notice two black rollers at right angles to each other.
4) These may be coated in dirt. Use a toothpick or an ear bud and gently scratch off the rollers.
5) Blow into the cavity, turn the mouse over and shake it to let the dirt fall off the rollers and out of the mouse.
6) Check that the ball is clean and return it to its cavity.
7) Close the casing by reversing the action you used in 2).
8) Now turn your attention to the four pads the mouse has on its underside. These might also be dirty. Clean them. There may not appear to be a lot of dirt on them, but a surprisingly small amount can interfere with the ball's traction on the mouse pad.
9) Finally, if the above steps don't improve the movement of your mouse, your old mouse pad could very well be responsible.

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