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Writing in The Nation of Nairobi, David Kamu feels that the method of billing should change from an hourly rate to a flat rate. This does not mean that fixed rates should be applied to all situations. A matter of appreciable complexity or where the situation is unpredictable is not fit for fixed rate billing. He argues that since clients are interested in being serviced qualitatively and cost effectively, a fixed rate is attractive as it ensures the work is done faster, and they can tell from the onset how much they will pay.

He singles out conveyancing as being a service which can be effectively billed in this way. The drawing of sale agreements, charges or guarantees where the clauses are usually the same and only a few details are altered, when combined with an appropriate document assembly system, also lend themselves to such billing.

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"Life has become a lot more demanding so if we all work together
and the buyers/sellers stop placing us under pressure all parties will get along better.

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A summary sheet of the required contract information should be at hand to avoid having to proof read the document twice. Software for automation of most routine law office procedures is available in the market and a firm can make an appropriate investment based on its needs. Once people adapt to the system, the benefits will soon be realised.

In an increasingly competitive market with small profit margins, volume counts, and clients are willing to pay for your efficiency. The practitioner can put time saved to other beneficial uses. The legal profession has to rise to the challenges of the modern business environment. Kamu feels that we cannot practice law the same way we did a century back and we have to harness technology and other resources to meet clients' needs.

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