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Value disputes

Some 37 000 properties for which Cape Town city received objections to the 2006 municipal valuations will be visited. They represent just over five percent of the 735 000 residential and business properties that were valued for the 2006 valuation roll. City director of valuations, Chris Gavor, said the city had already resolved at least 8 000 of the objections it had received, and owners still unhappy with valuations that the city, after considering an objection, had declared resolved, could apply to the Valuation Appeal Board.

The board is expected to begin its work by mid August and would be meeting intermittently over the next four years. The city will also be conducting a supplementary valuation process for about 15 000 properties built or registered after the 2nd of July 2006 cut-off date. Owners should note that even if an objection was pending they must pay the rates based on the 2006 valuations.

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