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Landowners shed tears of joy
The Witness - South Africa
There were tears of relief from Mangethe landowners on Friday as the news filtered through from the Durban High Court that they have won their 10-year battle to evict thousands of illegal occupiers. Illegal occupiers still have the right to appeal the decision.
The Witness

Mortgage fraud growing in Utah
Salt Lake Tribune - USA
A mortgage broker committing application fraud lies on a loan application to ensure that a borrower is approved for a loan. The fraud often involves inflating a borrower's income or assets, understating debts or otherwise making the borrower appear to be a more attractive applicant. In most instances, Bell said, the borrower does not know their broker is committing fraud.
Salt Lake Tribune

Angola: Parliament to Vote On Crucial Land Bill
AllAfrica.com - Africa
Many of the millions displaced during the conflict are returning to their land to discover that others are farming it, while in cities like the capital, Luanda - built for 500,000 people but home to four million - land is scarce.

It is commonplace for Angolans, the poor in particular, to occupy or buy property on the informal market, without a legally recognised title proving their ownership.

Brewer residents get faulty tax bills
Bangor Daily News - USA
A particularly egregious application of Murphy's Law - that if it is
possible for something to go wrong, it will - was revealed to every property owner mailed a property tax bill last Friday: owner's names were correct, but the property they were being taxed on was not.
Bangor Daily News

Proper study urged for deals in property sector
Khaleej Times - United Arab Emirates
Since there is no real estate law in the country, some banks are showing reservations in giving loans because efficient mortgage cannot be done as long as the sale of the property is not registered at Dubai Lands Department.
Khaleej Times

A Land Policy That Suits All
AllAfrica.com - Africa
That Kenya has been experiencing a silent, but potentially volatile, land crisis is not in doubt. The land question has not been not been conclusively addressed despite the country enjoying 40 years of self rule.

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